Hollywood, TV and stage veteran Cicely Tyson running strong on Broadway as ‘The Trip to Bountiful’ play gets extended

The car looks and drives great, said Wong There has been an enormous amount of work to ensure the new Moke retains its heritage while still looking to the future. There is currently no other car that evokes so much passion and fun in the current market place, especially in the Caribbean, he said. For information on Tola Moke, visit http://www.tolamoke.com . Prayers for Pvt.
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Hollywood takes liking to Korean films

Concerning the adaptations of the Korean films in Hollywood, actor/director Ben Affleck said: Korean films are known for their professionalism and many of them have remarkable drama. There must be certain reasons why there are many remakes of Korean films in Hollywood. They are all well made stories. Adam Sandler will also appear in a remake of Hello Ghost, a Korean supernatural comedy, working with director Chris Columbus who is renowned for Home Alone and Mrs. Doubtfire. Sandler will replace the comical role of Cha Tae-hyun. The film revolves around a man who is haunted by four ghosts after attempting to kill himself.
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Hollywood grooms Lassie, hoping the charismatic collie will save the day again

Shes the single most recognized pet in the world. Indeed, a survey conducted by the research firm Penn Schoen Berland this spring found that Lassie had an 83 percent brand awareness among those polled in the United States. The words most associated with her: classic, smart, loyal, brave, hero and heartwarming. Another survey by Nielsen found that Lassie had a 70 percent brand awareness among consumers in China, the worlds second-largest film market. Lassie is so well known in some countries there are expressions named after her.
Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/tv/hollywood-grooms-lassie-hoping-the-charismatic-collie-will-save-the-day-again/2013/07/18/00959a22-ee3f-11e2-a1f9-ea873b7e0424_story.html


Fred Perry, Wimbledon outsider to Hollywood star

Hollywood rebounds, but family-friendly offerings still limited

One year later, he turned professional and headed for Hollywood where he dated movie sirens, Marlene Dietrich, Jean Harlow and Loretta Young and played tennis at the Beverly Hills Club with Charlie Chaplin and Groucho Marx. Perry and stifling, pre-war Britain were never the best of friends. When Perry, the son of a Stockport trade unionist and cotton factory worker, won his first Wimbledon in 1934 by beating Australia’s Jack Crawford, he heard a Wimbledon committee official telling his vanquished opponent, ‘This was one day when the best man didn’t win’. “I just couldn’t believe it,” Perry told biographer, Ronald Atkin.
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Hollywood’s glass ceiling: Why doesn’t the film industry trust women?

Amy Pascal has been successful as the head of Sony for several years. And just last week a new three person team was named to run Warner Brothers and it includes a woman — Sue Kroll. And let’s not forget Kathryn Bigelow who broke through and became the first female to win an Oscar for best director.
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In the process, it beat out World War Z , which nevertheless managed a respectable $66 million in its opening weekend enough for Paramount to greenlight a sequel . Even more impressively, Mike and Sully managed to hang on to the No. 1 spot for a second weekend with only a 44 percent drop in ticket sales. (By way of comparison, Man of Steel fell more than 64 percent from weekend to weekend.) Monsters’ two-week total has already crossed $300 million worldwide. Unfortunately, with only one other exception Blue Sky Studios Epic, which opened in May there have been virtually no other movies that cater to family audiences, although that should pick up soon with releases like Despicable Me 2, Disneys Planes, Turbo and The Smurfs 2 just around the corner.
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