TheWrap’s Inaugural Innovators List: 12 Who Are Changing Hollywood

JASON BLUM Founder, Blumhouse Productions With each new micro-budget hit, Jason Blum is upending the way movies are made, emphasizing thrift in exchange for artistic freedom and greater profits. He first caught Hollywood’s attention in 2009 with “Paranormal Activity,” which cost a mere $15,000 to produce and made an astounding $193.3 million globally. Then he proved that wasn’t an anomaly with films like “Insidious” and this summer’s “The Purge,” which earned back their bargain-basement budgets tenfold thanks to fresh spins on familiar bogeymen like ghosts or home invaders.
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Hollywood Will Go Through A Meltdown, Claim Spielberg And Lucas

Amanda Bynes lunges at man who tries to take a photo: Who’s the hottest mess in Hollywood?

He said, “This close – ask HBO – this close.” Steven Spielberg predicted that if this implosion did happen then movies could possibly adopt a Broadway style of payment where “You’re gonna have to pay $25 for the next ‘Iron Man’, you’re probably only going to have to pay $7 to see ‘Lincoln’.” George Lucas also added that if this does happen, then bigger movies would play in theaters for longer while smaller movies could shift to television which he also called “more adventurous”. How genuine are Steven Spielberg and George Lucas’ comments though? They were instrumental in starting the trend of summer blockbusters back in the day with Star Wars, Jaws and Indiana Jones. Is it just karma hitting back?
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Superman franchise’s latest action film ‘Man of Steel’, directed by Zack Snyder, produced by Warner Bros Pictures and Christopher Nolan, and starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe, has taken an impressive start at the domestic box office.

There’s always Lindsay Lohan, who is sadly the poster child for going off the deep-end with her partying. Then again, who can forget a bald Britney Spears attacking a paparazzo’s car with an umbrella circa 2007? Heck, even Charlie Sheen has a shot at “winning” the hot mess award with his 2011 public meltdown… tiger blood and all.
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‘I am in no mood to forgive’: Paul Hollywood’s wife ‘wants a divorce’ after he admits he’s ‘dazzled’ by co-star

  ‘In hindsight, it was a silly thing to do’: Violist Natalie Holt apologises for pelting Simon Cowell with an egg during live Britain’s Got Talent final She kicked Paul, who she has been married to for 15 years, out of their house in Kent ahead of her holiday. However the break doesn’t seem to have done anything to change her mind according to the Mirror. More than a co-star: Paul’s relationship with her co-star Marcela on the American Baking Competition has raised eyebrows A source told the paper: ‘Alexandra feels Paul has gone too far for a reconciliation. Too much damage has now been done. ‘Alex is in no mood to forgive and wants to go for a divorce.
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Lesbians gather with pride in West Hollywood

Comments 1 Women parading in West Hollywood on Friday night stopped in front of the Palms, the city’s last remaining lesbian bar. The bar will close this weekend. (Hailey Branson-Potts, Los Angeles Times / June 9, 2013) Also By Hailey Branson-Potts, Los Angeles Times June 8, 2013, 8:52 p.m.
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Hollywood Remembers Top Stylist Annabel Tollman, Dead at 39

Her loss is being felt throughout the industry. “Annabel was one of those people who just made life better,” adds Andrew Saffir, founder of film marketing firm The Cinema Society and a close friend of Tollman. “Every party, every dinner, every gathering was better when she was in the mix. Funny, gorgeous, stylish (obviously), and so much fun, with a knowing and charming and sometimes naughty twinkle in her eyes. Every fashion party and glittery gathering will now be missing her special spark.” In addition to appearing on THR’s inaugural 25 Most Powerful Stylists in Hollywood List, Tollman also worked with the magazine on a May 18, 2012, cover and photo spread featuring Marion Cotillard.  Michael Flutie, who managed Tollman’s styling and budding on-camera career for the past seven years, tells THR he and the stylist had just wrapped a pilot — called Style Friends — for presentation to TV networks. “She was able to really articulate her passion for clothes.
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Huawei phones: Hollywood meets Silicon Valley

Huawei, probably better known as a leading telecoms gear maker under fire from US politicians over its potential links to the Chinese state, is looking to drive sales of its consumer devices, but is hobbled by not having effective consumer retail channels. Traditionally, it co-brands its devices with carriers. In an interview on Friday, Guo told Reuters he sees this changing as Huawei shifts from focusing on the technology in its devices to better understanding consumers’ tastes and perceptions. “In some ways, (designing) a smartphone is in the middle of Silicon Valley and Hollywood,” he said. “Silicon Valley represents technology – and smartphones need strong technology – and the Hollywood aspect is about experience and perception.” (Continued)
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